Biotronics 3D Limited (UK)


Biotronics 3D Limited (UK)

BIOTRONICS3D is the SME in charge of the cloud-enabled features for remote access, automated processing, analysis and reporting of the generated data and the Clinical Decision Support Software. As an internet based solution, images and results can be reviewed via secured login through any browser both by referring physicians and by specialists in and outside the clinical environment.

Main Tasks

In general, B3D will support and follow the research in its field of data management expertise, establishing requirements focused on the exploitation of project results and on making recommendations to help the achievement of the scientific, technological and market objectives, through the effort defined in each of the Work Packages. Specifically, B3D’s role in the project will comprise telemedicine features:

• Standardization to DICOM, development of the user interface, protocols for the integration and conformance to 3DNet QMS of the online sample analysis SW and quality control SW (tasks included in WP1: HW and SW development)

• Providing the cloud framework for collaboration, remote results monitoring/review, and data transfer

• Evaluation of results in WP5

• Participation in WP6 Exploitation and Dissemination.

• WP7 B3D will take part in project management activities