Dr. Fooke-Achterrath Laboratorien GMBH (Germany)


Dr. Fooke-Achterrath Laboratorien GMBH (Germany)


FOOKE is an SME. For more than 24 years Dr. Fooke Laboratories have been dedicated to developing, producing and distributing modern and innovative tests for in-vitro allergy and autoimmune diagnostics. Advanced in-vitro allergy and autoimmune test systems are the result of our developments leading to a product line that offers almost every user a custom solution exactly matching their needs.

Main Tasks

FOOKE will participate in the development of the COBIOPHAD system improving the current available in vitro methods. The main tasks of FOOKE will be: • WP3: FOOKE will participate in compounds synthesis and development. FOOKE will specifically lead Task 3.4. Immuno-reagent development. • WP5: FOOKE will coordinate WP5 assay validation and pre-industrial validation. FOOKE will participate in the allergy evaluation and evaluation of results, and the analysis of the compliance with the defined requirements. • WP6: FOOKE will participate in all tasks of WP6 Dissemination and Dxploitation with a major contribution to Task 6.6 Creation of a Business Plan for commercial exploitation of the developed COBIOPHAD system. • WP7 FOOKE will take part in project management activities