Optoelectronica (Romania)


Optoelectronica (Romania)


OPTOELECTRONICA is an SME specialized in technological developments in the optoelectronic domain. They will be in charge of the development of optical reading systems.

Main Tasks

OPTOEL will be involved in WP1, W2, WP5, WP6, WP7. The OPTOEL team will be the responsible in the development of the optical drive disc [ODD]. • WP1 – Task 1.1 Hardware development and electronic design: OPTOEL will: ‣ develop the sensor device from a commercial modified ODD with a new optoelectronic system for laser and detector control and rotation control of the disc; ‣ integrate photo receiver blocks to detect and amplify the transmitted light of the pickup head or the emitted light by bioluminescence reaction; ‣ and carry out optical simulation by ray tracing. • Task 1.2 – Software development. OPTOEL will develop: ‣ control software/firmware ‣ the user-friendly interface PC software for control the sensor blocks OPTOEL will also participate in WP4 in the integration of the hardware and software • WP2: OPTOEL will collaborate in the microfluidic design of the detection zone • WP5: OPTOEL will be responsible of the analysis of the compliance with the defined requirements of the Directive 98/79/EC related to the ODD • WP6: OPTOEL will also participate in the Exploitation and Dissemination activities • WP7 OPTOEL will take part in project management activities