STRATEC Consumables GmbH


STRATEC Consumables GmbH (Austria)

STRATEC is a leading OEM supplier of smart polymer-based consumables to the in-vitro diagnostics, life sciences and medical technology industries. Their role in the project is to supply their expertise in nano- and micro-structuring, coating technologies, polymer sciences and automated assembly in the application of centrifugal micro-fluidics to the fabrication of the consumable assay disc.

Main Tasks

• STRATEC will be the leader of WP2 Platform development. Two parallel paths will be realized:

i. By means of centrifugal microfluidics an immune-lateral flow device will be created which gives quantitative results with a large dynamic range (whereas current lateral-flow type devices show limited dynamic capability or yield only qualitative results). ii. The second approach is based on an open channel in which the liquid flow is controlled by capillary action. In this case, the flow rate can be controlled by modifying surface geometry and the wetting properties of the disc surface.

Both approaches will include mastering, molding and bonding work-centres accompanied by suitable QC. Appropriate surface chemistries will be developed to match the applications. STRATEC will also participate in all tasks related to disc fabrication. • Moreover, STRATEC will collaborate (under WP5) to meet the Directive 98/79/EC during the post-project development stage, to support verification of the compliance with the defined requirements and the preparation of the technical dossier. • STRATEC will also participate in WP6 Exploitation and Dissemination activities • WP7 STRATEC will take part in project management activities