WP 1: Hardware and software development

The main objective of the WP1 is to develop a cost-effective complex optical disc drive reader (ODDR) to automate sample separation, pre-concentration, detection, scanning the results by transmission or bioluminescence modes, and to generate a report that can be accessed remotely.

The following sub-objectives are defined:

1. Development of the hardware (HW) and electronics for achieving the target specifications and requirements of the COBIOPHAD device: sensitivity (80%), price (300€), robustness and straightforward in operation, and autonomous. The Directive 98/79/EC ‘In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices’ requirements will be taken into account to ensure future commercial exploitation.

2. Creation of software (SW) and the user interface for:

• Controlling the HW, acquiring the signals, processing the signal and images to automate the bioassay.
• Generating data outcomes from the device in DICOM [Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine] format and the clinical analysis software to help physicians to diagnose drug hypersensitivity/allergy to BLC antibiotics

3. Integration of the HW and SW to automate the diagnosis of drug hypersensitivity/allergy to BLC antibiotics.