WP 6: Dissemination and exploitation

The main objective of this WP is protection, dissemination, communication and exploitation of the Foreground Intellectual Property [FGIP] generated during the COBIOPHAD project.

This objective will be met by achieving the following sub-objectives:

1. Identification, and assessment of all project results [FGIP] and their protection as required

2. Creation of draft and final Plans for Dissemination and Exploitation [PDE] of the project results

3. Use of all Communication means including websites, social media, conferences publications, electronic media and audio and video broadcasts, as appropriate, to achieve the widest possible awareness of the COBIOPHAD project results

4. Undertaking all activities for the exploitation of the FGIP during the project including use of patent analytics

5. Identification, assessment and exploitation of the funding opportunities for further development of the COBIOPHAD FGIP post-project

6. Creation of a Business Plan for the commercial exploitation of the developed COBIOPHAD system