WP 7: Project management

The Project Management activities cover the essential aspects to ensure a global coherence in the development of the COBIOPHAD Project.
The WP goal is to monitor project progress using dashboard methodologies, to coordinate the overall project, to monitor continuously all the other work packages and tasks in the project, and to manage all the efforts of the project structure.

The concrete objectives of this work package are:

1. Tight monitoring of the work packages and the establishment of a self-control – early warning system for low risk operation

2. Timely reporting of potential or already existing issues, to provide for proactive (re)actions to redefine and/or recover timelines to achieving project deliverables and milestones

3. Transparent and reliable communication of the project progress in order to maintain credibility and to maximise internal and external co-operation, even in critical situations

4. Assurance of the quality of results and deliverables as well as maintaining a clean implementation process of the pilot activities in order to keep the quality of the work at the highest possible level